Nainuwa™ is one of the most advanced platforms to access, explore, search and handle digital multimedia data. Nainuwa™ is built on an open-source platform that may be hosted on your intranet or in the cloud.

Nainuwa™ Benefits

  • Digital storage of print, video, and audio content
  • Free-text and metadata search
  • High-speed display performance
  • Step-less image deep-zoom
  • Browser-independent responsive design for desktop, tablet, and smartphone

Nainuwa™ Features

  • Bookmarking, clipping, and annotation
  • Custom volumes
  • Live OCR correction
  • Interactive PDF creation

Nainuwa™ is a software license with pricing based on features and capacity. Contact us today for pricing and more information at 212-366-1404 or email

What’s in a name?

Nainuwa™ is the Latin notation of the Arabic articulation of Nineveh. Nineveh was a Mesopotamian city founded around 1800 BC, far older than the city of Alexandria (which was founded about 1500 years later). Like Alexandria, Nineveh also had a library, the “Royal Library of Ashurbanipal”. On about 25,000 cuneiform clay tablets was represented the entire collection of human knowledge of that time.